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Camp Nutley Location

Camp Nutley Now Open for Registration

Summer is the warmest of all the seasons; the days are longer. With all the exciting events that go with summer, the days fly by without notice. Here in Nutley, there are many events and opportunities for adventure and exploration, one of them being Nutley's annual summer camp which is held in town at the Parks and Recreation Department at 44 Park Ave. Camp Nutley offers other amenities such as a recreation gym, Owens and Glotzbach Parks. 


Camp Nutley is an eight-week program for children from grades first to seventh. The camp runs from July 1 through August 23, 2019. The sessions for each week run from Monday to Friday starting at 7 am until 6 pm. The fee per weekly session is $150 per child.  Parents can sign their children up to as many sessions as they would like there's no limit. Experienced teachers and camp counselors run Camp Nutley. The camp isn't just a spot for parents to drop off their kids, but is a great opportunity for kids to grow and strengthen. The camp has a theme for each week, the themes vary from arts and crafts, sports, outdoor and indoor fun, and other activities.


Camp Nutley has been around for about 20 years, where it has grown in number tremendously — going from a small day camp where it held approximately 50 to 80 children per week to today where the camp receives about 160 kids per week in total holding 1,280 children per summer.  


Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci and the Department of Parks and Recreation just recently announced that registration is open."What I most enjoy is knowing these children have a fun and safe environment to learn, play, and meet other children," said Tucci. He also mentions that it's beneficial for both the children and parents by offering an affordable price that is also a safe setting for everyone. "Children at the camp get to engage with other children from other schools and make new friends."   


Jade Giron, a Nutley High School sophomore, will be a first-year counselor with Camp Nutley this summer. She will work the morning shift from 7 am to 1 pm. Jade will work in the art room, teaching arts and crafts to different grades of children. A typical day for Jade, as a counselor, will start with her setting up the art room, then assisting the kids as they have breakfast. Jade will work with various grade levels throughout the day. The children then have lunch and head back to the classes. Some days, the camp provides new opportunities and activities for the campers. "Sometimes we have bouncy houses and fun activities like mad science, and even get to see animals with the zoo service," says Jade.   


One of the reasons Jade is a counselor at Camp Nutley is because of her love of taking care of kids and seeing them have fun. "I used to go there when I was a kid, and I remember how fun it was when I was young, so I wanted to come back and become a counselor," says Jade.


She mentions what is in store for the children this summer. There are going to be indoor house field trips, such as bouncy houses, water, and even ice cream sundaes and free pretzel day. This is a new way of allowing everyone to be involved and participate together.


The camp is built to allow children to have hands-on activities, a fun experience, and a great way to build confidence. Jade stated, "In my perspective, camp Nutley is the place to be during the summer as a kid.”