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This Is Us Concludes After Six Emotional Seasons

After six seasons of emotions and dizzying twists, NBC’s hit drama This Is Us comes to an emotional end. Following the show's formula, the last episode weaves together the past and the present and future. But what fans don’t know is that the filming of the series finale took place  years ago. The scene where Rebecca and Jack are just hanging out with their three kids was filmed three years earlier. Production also said that during season four there was also some pre recorded footage because series creator, Dan Fogelman said he needed the actors that played the Big Three (Lonnie Chavis, Mackenzie Hancsicsak and Parker Bats, who are now preteens) at a specific age.


Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, during a conference call ahead of the series finale, Fogelman spoke about his final vision for the generational family saga as it signs off after six years. He goes on to say, “As we speak today on the day of the finale, I’m feeling a lot of things, and for the first time, it’s kind of sinking in,” Fogelman told THR during the call. “Seeing the core group of people who I made this show with watch these final two [episodes] and react to them has been the most I have allowed myself to feel. When I finally show it to people where I care so much about their opinion, and they react positively, it’s been especially meaningful and probably the thing that’s been moving me the most in this entire exhausting ending.” 


Although the show has come to an end, many fans are happy with the outcome and where all the characters were left off.