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Social Media want to seem trustworthy, adding more updates and making changes so that no one is harmed

Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook (Social Media) Want To Appear Trutworthy

TikTok, YouTube/Facebook, and Social media, in general, appear to be no longer trustworthy. They have proven to be harmful to younger users, according to CNN Business which states, “Executives from TikTok, Snap, and YouTube were grilled by Senators on Tuesday about the steps the platforms are taking to protect their young users.”  Facebook had the same accusations against it. According to CNN Business, “weeks after a Facebook executive faced tough questions on the same issue.” Social media is becoming a harmful place for all users to presently be in.


During this year, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat have been the most complex apps, showing dangerous immature acts, inspiring young users to do the same. “TikTok, YouTube and Snap (SNAP) have been used to harm kids and promote descriptive acts, such as vandalism in school, deadly viral challenges, bullying, eating disorders and manipulative influencer marketing.” Says CNN. It’s concerning how much Social Media like TikTok, Snap, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can ruin users of these apps, and mentally affect them in such a dismissive way.


Perhaps this is one of the reasons why these apps allure young teenagers so effortlessly. As social media grows more toxic, many wonder what can be done to correct the problem. “Beckerman cited a handful of parental controls, improvements with moderation and age restrictions such as direct messaging for anyone underage 16, as ways TikTok protects its young user base.” Says CNN. They have also decided to allow parents in this action. 


It’s starting to look like that all that is relevant to the companies is the amount of money they’re making. Some think they don’t prioritize users' safety. According to the article, “YouTube’s Miller stressed how the company does not prioritize profits over safety.”


This shows how uncommitted they are to make safety for younger users and even older users, but delegated  to making their money, and keeping it coming in. There needs to be a change soon before this gets out of hand. There is hope for Social Media to become a better place, but the chances are very thin.


This article has shown how much Social Media, but more specifically Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and mainly TikTok, have affected these teens’ mental and physical states. The site have dangerous stunts, rude comments, and hate.  Social Media sites are working hard to be more of a safe environment, especially if there are young users currently using the apps more than regular older users. There are now age restrictions and comments are able to be turned off.