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Salvatore Balsamo and his family ready to cheer on the New York Mets

Salvatore Balsamo Speaks All About The Board Of Education And The New Term That Is Approaching

On December 7, 2021, Salvatore Balsamo spoke to the Maroon & Gray and the new term that is approaching. Mr. Balsamo has lived in Nutley for his whole life; he grew up on Beach St. Mr.Balsamo feels as Nutley has helped him grow into the man he is today, “There are so many people that have helped me in both big and small ways. Most of them were friends, neighbors, and teachers here in Nutley,” 


Salvatore Balsamo is a member of the Nutley community. Balsamo has been a part of the Board of Education for four years, non consecutively. He began his journey in 2015.  “I wanted to be able to help make sure that our students were getting a great school experience. I have two children in the school system and at that time they both attended Yantacaw school. Yantacaw is one of several schools that continue to deal with overcrowding. I wanted to help be a part of a solution to that,” said Mr.Balsamo. 


Balsamo has achieved many things in his career. He is grateful to his father and wife for helping him get where he is in life. “Everything I love and care about in life can be traced back, in one way, shape or form, to my dad. Until I met my wife, he was the most supportive, loving, and reliable person in my life. He taught me many things and shaped who I am as a person,” he said.


Balsamo leads a very busy life. He is a teacher in Paterson, NJ along with being a trustee on the Board of Education. “Being a trustee on a school board is an unpaid, elected, volunteer position, although it could sometimes feel like a second job. My occupation is social studies teacher. I teach at Eastside High School,” He stated.


Anyone thinking about being a part of their local Board of Education must think about the limitations, roles, and responsibilities of the position. Nevertheless, there are also many rewards of this position. “I enjoy working with the other trustees and administration to find solutions, planning and see successful outcomes. Also, seeing all of the different kinds of awards that our students receive at the Board meetings is very enjoyable too. As a father, coach, and teacher, I love seeing kids do great things,” he said.


The Board of Education is a team and not something that only one person can do. The Board consists of nine trustees. No matter the position there is always something to do, but it can never be done alone. “We truly need to work together, with respect, to reach a consensus or at least a majority. My assignments this year won’t be determined until we have a reorganization meeting in January. Once we determine who our leadership is for the coming year, then the President will assign committee posts to the rest of the trustees,” said Balsamo.


Even though it is a group effort each board member has their own set of goals they set for themselves in the upcoming year. For Balsamo, these are to “continue to support district initiatives that make great educational experiences for all students and that include programs in academics, sports, music, and the arts to name a few.” Balsamo will also continue to support the Board’s goals and the District’s objectives for the upcoming year.