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Torres at bat

Rookie Sensation Gleyber Torres

The 21-year-old rookie, Gleyber Torres, got called up to play with the New York Yankees on April 21, 2018. He made his Major League debut on April 22, 2018. He is the New York Yankees' top prospect. They acquired him in a trade two years ago from the Chicago Cubs. The Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman to them and weren’t trading him without getting Torres back for him. He was doing really well down in triple A and he was ready to be called up to the MLB.


The Yankees needed a solid second baseman and that’s what Torres is. Everyone was excited to see what this kid brings to the team. He shocked the world and is having a great start to his rookie year.


Gleyber Torres has played 32 games in the Major League. He already broke a record and his stats look like he has been in the MLB for some time. The record he broke was consecutive home runs by a rookie. The record was three consecutive and he got four. He has two walk-off hits to lead the Yankees to two victories. The Yankees are 25-7 with Gleyber Torres in the lineup. He has been a big help so far for the Yankees. His stat line so far is: 32 games, 109 at bats, 16 runs, 35 hits, 3 doubles, 9 home runs, 26 RBIs and his average is 3.19. He has also won AL player of the week and AL player of the month. If he keeps doing what he is doing he could end up being rookie of the year.


“I do think Torres could win the Rookie of the Year,” said YES Network analyst, Jack Curry. “He’s been one of the most productive rookies in the American League and has become a mainstay for the Yankees. If he continues to play at this pace, he could easily follow Aaron Judge and make it the first time in history that the Yankees had Rookie of the Year winners in back-to-back seasons.”

Torres is always so calm and cool on the field. He does not panic in any spot whether the game is on the line or it’s just a routine play he plays with the same calmness. Gleyber Torres is a very talented 21-year old player who has made an immediate impact on the Yankees. “As talented as Torres is on offense and defense, what has impressed me the most is how calm he is,” said Curry. “Players talk about slowing the game down, which is a euphemism for never being panicky. Torres does a tremendous job of slowing the game down and always playing in a relaxed way.”