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A Night to Remember

Junior Formal is a night to live it up with all your friends. It is a day that NHS students never forget, as part of their high school experience. From the music to the food, the Nutley High School formal is a priority on everyone's list.


The event took place in the school gym on Saturday, April 6, 2019, and 245 NHS students attended, along with class advisors and chaperones. Each ticket was $55 and the event raised about $9,000 for the junior class.


Mrs. Jessica Coppola, 2020 class advisor, is the reason why junior formal happens. Coppola ensures that the junior officers are always on task, meets with the caterers and decorators and monitors meetings. “I think the night came together nicely because of all the staff and students that made that possible,” said Coppola. “We spent hours the night before setting up the gym. I could not be more grateful.”


The NHS culinary teachers, Mr. Tarik Huggins, and Mr. John Gulardo provided the food - pasta vodka, salad, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and cupcakes. In addition, Ritacco's Pizzeria provided fried ravioli and sandwiches. “The food was excellent and we had so much that everyone took some home,” said Coppola.


As the students walked through the doors, they saw a representation of a beautiful starry night created by NHS junior class officers, Gail Gugliuzza, Shannon Granelli, Raj Pagdhal, Lucia Rizzuto, and Khushi Patel. They spent hours creating the perfect 12x15 foot canvas, in order to capture marvelous photos of the students. “The class of 2020 junior formal was a tremendous night that most juniors look forward to from the start of the year,” said Khushi Patel.


The class officers play a very crucial role in the preparation for the event. Volunteers are constantly needed to set up in the gym. Advisors along with the class officers have to meet almost every week to plan this event. “The junior class officers really pulled it all together making runs to Home Depot, making a geo-filter, and covering the bleachers with individual streamers," Coppola said.


This event presented students an opportunity to catch up with friends amidst the chaos of junior year. Most importantly, make an end to their third-year recollections to look back to. As an officer, the goal is for the students to have a memorable night, and everyone is determined to make that happen.