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Me at prom

The Night of Nights

Many young children fantasize about what our senior prom will be like, waiting for the day to become a reality. As it turns out, sometimes the vision inside your head, doesn't become a reality. But for better or worse, it's a right of passage in your teenage years.


“I expected the most elaborate ball,” NHS senior, Skylar Peluso said of her thoughts leading up to prom. “I thought I would be going with my boyfriend of four years, but in reality I am going with a boy because he didn’t have a date, and this is the most stressed I have been all year.”


Peluso still felt that prom was fun because aside from going with her date, she also arrived with her close friends Jordan, Gianna, Guilianna, and Hailey. Afterwards, Peluso had plan to go to New York state with some friends. 


Prom is supposed to be a special night because it is the last event that the seniors get to share together before they graduate. Even if it is not exactly how you imagine it, it deal is an important NHS event to share with your peers.