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NFL Free Agency Impacts Next Season

A free agent in the NFL is a player who has been released by an organization and is no longer associated with the league, or a player whose contract with his present team has ended and then he is therefore free to join any other team under the terms of the contract. Many teams have jumped on the opportunities of great players who want out of their organization or team and some of the roster changes this year are fantastic and some leave fans wondering. 


Tom Brady’s return to Tampa Bay is the least shocking surprise of the offseason. I believe his retirement was more of a trial run for a future return to his childhood team in San Francisco. The legend carries as much clout and magnitude a player can have with his return assisting in the integration of center Ryan Jensen in the offense, before the Bucs blessed their line with former Patriots guard Shaq Mason. Carlon Davis was also heavily influenced to stay with the bucs because of brady. The power he holds and what he brings to the table are what creates a winning franchise surrounded by great players. 


It was going to be easier said than done to ensure Von Miller's stay with the Rams. Without Von Miller's heroics and talent down the defensive line, Los Angeles would not have taken home the Lombardi Trophy. The obvious assumption was that manager Les Snead would find a way to keep the pass rusher despite interest from the Cowboys, Broncos, and other teams. Instead, Buffalo came out from nowhere to meet a significant need by signing Miller to a six-year, $120 million contract. This seems to be disappointing as fans would have loved to see the same team come back and win it all again. The Rams seemed to have failed to bring one of their many superstars back into play under them.


Despite some teams not being able to keep talent on their roster and putting behind all upsets, many franchises have made very interesting trades and I'm sure fans are eager to see how it all played out. The Kansas City Chiefs are trading six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for five draft selections. Hill's agent Drew Rosenhaus informed ESPN that the Dolphins are handing him a four-year, $120 million contract deal, with $72.2 million guaranteed. It elevates him to the position of highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history. This move is great for the player as now he is making historical money for a NFL wide receiver. But as far as football many speculate staying with the chiefs would ensure for a lot better chances of another ring but heading down to Miami is full of opportunities. 


For the first time in years, the Giants have a qualified, game-winning backup quarterback who will not let them down if Daniel Jones goes down. Taylor is the Giants finest backup quarterback since David Carr. Taylor will push Daniel Jones and be a quick-hook option. While I believe Daniel Jones will establish himself as a long-term starter this season, having Taylor on the bench isn't a bad idea especially if Brian Daboll plans to spread opponents out and use Jone’s situational mobility as a weapon this might increase the risk of injury and maybe give Taylor an opportunity. Having guys like that on a roster only makes them better as it creates constant competition. 


Although there is a lot more to cover, talent has been spread through the NFl. It's going to be fun to see how all plays out and although some moves are disappointing and questionable only time can tell.