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Cover photo of Netflix's Wednesday

New Netflix Show Wednesday is a Hit!

Netflix has released a new show, Wednesday, which is a spin-off on the popular Addams Family movies from the '90s.  It is shown from the perspective of Wednesday Addams and her journey through her new school, new friends, and new love interests all while attempting to solve a murder mystery. This show has become a huge hit, with a record breaking 341.23M hours viewed just on debut week! Impressively, this beats Stranger Things 4, which was previously holding the title with 335M hours viewed in their first week. 

This is a great show, as it's very well made. The cast for this show is incredible, especially Jenna Ortega starring as Wednesday. She portrays the character so well, and held a completely calm but mysterious persona. Christina Ricci, the previous Wednesday in the Addams Family movies, is actually cast as the villain in this show, the irony. 

The setting pulls everything together. It takes place in Bucharest, Romania which is a great spot to film as that area in Romania is very old, with large castles and buildings. It gives a cold, creepy vibe which is exactly what this show needs.

The storyline is also very intriguing and it keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times.The show goes from being about a murder mystery to Wednesday being stuck in a love triangle! Former NHS graduate Brandon Polewka shared how he hated that Wednesday was in a love triangle, as it was not suitable for her character. He said, “I don’t think that a love triangle is really fit for the type of person Wednesday is.” Many agree, and although it was entertaining to watch her find her way through that, it was just unnecessary. 

The reason that this show is so popular is because it is very relatable to our generation, high school students in specifics. Everyone should be able to relate to at least one of the characters. Senior Ava Baunhuber, related herself to Thing, the severed hand that follows and aids Wednesday on her journey, while Lauren Saccomanno relates herself with Edin, Wednesday's fun and light hearted roommate. This show has something for everyone.

This show should be recommended to a younger audience, as it seems to be appropriate for that age group. Adults wouldn’t find this show too interesting, as it wouldn’t be relatable to them and is slightly childish.

The overall rating that this show deserves is around an 8, as it is a good show but there are definitely better.