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Bagel Boy in Nutley NJ

Most Popular Student Lunch Spots in Nutley

Last year, Nutley High School began implementation of the Rotating Drop Schedule, which gives a common lunch hour to the entire school - students and staff. Curious to know how students use this time, the Maroon & Gray surveyed the student body. The entire NHS student body was offered the opportunity to take a survey about popular lunch locations in town.


Students were first asked if they go home for lunch, eat in the NHS cafeteria, or go out to lunch. Of the respondents, 53% said they stay in for lunch; 42% said they go out to a local restaurant, and almost 5% said go home for lunch. Staying in for lunch consists of staying in for labs, catching up on homework, getting help, and de-stressing with friends There are multiple teachers available during their lunch period to help students in need. Most students staying in for lunch have lunch in the cafeteria or anywhere around the school.


Also included in the survey were questions for those who dine out, asking where they go most frequently.  Top three for students include Bagel Boy, Cucina 355, and the Nutley Diner respectively. Fifty percent of students say that they spend between $10 and $20 per week on food at lunchtime and 26% of those surveyed spend between $20 and $30.


Of the students who go out for lunch, Bagel Boy was the top spot identified for lunch by 28%. One student explained his choice.  “It’s very cheap and if I needed to, I could bring it back into school and get extra help or for a lab.” Bagel Boy is located right on Franklin Ave. Most people call to get their bagels before coming in so it is an in-and-out experience since it's usually very crowded.


Cucina 355 is a very popular place, with 12% of respondents going there.  One student respondent said, “It is a very affordable pizza place and it’s close to school so I can talk with my friends and enjoy my time.” Cucina 355 is also located right on Franklin Ave and many students feel it has very reasonable prices and great service.


The Nutley Diner is also a very popular choice because it is very affordable and has a large selection of food to keep your taste buds interested. “Nutley Diner workers are extremely kind and the variety of foods is the best part, not to mention the beautiful decorations,” said one students who took the survey.  The service is quick, considering that the kids have an hour to eat and get back to school in time.


Students stay in the building at lunchtime for a number of reasons. It is less expensive to eat in school than to go out and sometimes the weather plays a role. In addition, students can meet with clubs or sports teams, see teachers for extra help, take their science lab, make up homework or other assignments, or spend the time visiting with friends and de-stressing.  An anonymous student at NHS stated in the survey that, “I normally stay in for lunch due to lab, so I've only ever been out a handful of times and have gone to the Diner because I know, for sure, that they have something I like, rather than go to a different restaurant I have not tried and waste away both money and my day off.”


Overall, opportunities for lunch are plentiful at NHS. Each student takes the hour to eat what they like and uses the time in a way beneficial to their needs.