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Standing Up for a Cause

The year 2020 has been rough for us all. The deadly virus that has kept us all stuck in our homes and the amount of surprising deaths of celebrities have taken a toll on all of our hearts. But one thing that has affected many all with the same magnitude has been the Black Lives Matter Movement. This movement was formed by African Americans to combat police brutality, which has resulted in tragic deaths to people such as Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Many people were infuriated with the deaths of innocent lives, so they decided to take matters in their own hands. Stores were destroyed and police cars were totaled as civilians looked at destruction as a way of protest.


Over time celebrities started to talk about the topic of racism to let the world know they are standing with many of us. Even though they were not really protesting, their word was still enough to let people know that they were aware of the situation.  NFL players have been coming together during their pregame warmups to showcase their protests. For example, New England Patriots star quarterback wore a t-shirt labeled, “7 shots,” in regards to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Also during the national anthem,  teams are seen standing together locking arms, representing in unity for all races.


NFL staff members have been noticing the amount of protests around the league, which is no shock. A source at the NFL says he has noticed protesting. “There has definitely been an interesting energy around the league and it has captured fans all around the country,” he said.


Not only do these on-field protests spread a message, it is helping fans understand the severity of the situation. Yes, America does love  football, but in order to establish unity over the nation, we have to take a backseat from watching the game and be in the moment and realize there are situations that need to be addressed. And that is racism in America.