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Bunny Cake

Return to Normalcy for Spring Break and Easter

It’s that time of the year again, when rain seems like it never ends, and the flowers flourish to their extravagant colors. As we leave the stretched out month of March in the past, and welcome April, many can be thrilled for multiple reasons. First, all students are able to take a week off of school to relax their minds. This calls for no homework, studying, or tests to complete. Several students and their families decide to travel for spring break. With COVID news getting  better everyday, numerous families are no longer scared or nervous to travel far distances.


Unfortunately, two years ago people were not able to celebrate Spring Break or the surrounding holiday this due to  COVID. However, last year was an immense step forward to having a nonmetal Easter again. In contrast to the previous year a lot of families were able to spend this joyous holiday with one another. Some families took safety precautions such as wearing masks.


Ava Costanzo and Danielle Goode, both 9th grade students at Nutley High School, are celebrating Easter with their family this year. Ava is also traveling for spring break. “I am so excited for spring break and to see my family again,” Costanzo states. 


Costanzo is taking a drive to Maine this spring break where she plans to pay a long awaited visit to her aunt and uncle. She hasn’t seen them in 2 years because of COVID. Her family decided spring break was the perfect time to pay them a visit. It is a 10 hour car ride.  Her family takes many breaks while being on the road. “We often stop whenever the dog needs to be let out. Or for lunch, snacks, even if we just want to stretch our legs.” Costanzo said. There are multiple strategies she does in the car to make it a more enjoyable ride. Some include placing fuzzy blankets and pillows all over her side of the car. This ensures she will have a relaxing ride and she may even scratch away a few hours by drifting off to sleep. A cooler is kept in the leg space splitting up the front and back seat. This way all her family members can reach refreshments as well as cooled snacks. As is a very long drive having a cooler limits the amount of stops her family has made throughout the ride. In return they are able to get to their destination as soon as possible. Though it may seem like a hassle to get to, Maine it is all worth it. 


As the 10 hour ride comes to an end, elevated levels of excitement  fill the car, as this only means one thing. The Costanzo family has made it to their aunt's house. Here they will spend the week with family members, outdoor activities, and indulging in delish easter foods. Maine has many beautiful mountains where you can find Costanzo both hiking and biking up them. Shopping in cute boutiques along the streets of Brunswick is definitely an activity she will take part in. Her family also enjoys walking around the harbor in search of sea glass. 


When Sunday approaches many children will be dreaming of the Easter Bunny. He will be  peaking into their houses and placing baskets of goods in them. These can include many different items but will most commonly contain candy and plush bunnies. “Usually the Easter bunny leaves me Peeps, Whoppers, Mini Robin Eggs, and gift cards to my favorite stores,” Danielle Goode stated.


For food, a lot of families have brunch. French toast, quiche, potatoes, and ham- all common easter foods to have. “My favorite is quiche because it is a different kind of egg dish and I only have it this time of the year. So, it tastes a little more special to me,” Danielle Goode said.


Overall this month is looking to be pretty special. Starting with spring break plans and heading into the interesting holiday of Easter. Costanzo and Goode are counting down the days for break to begin and are looking forward to a fun one!