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Mrs. Larcara’s Retirement

The 2019-2020 school year had many twists and turns, which led to school closure, no graduation ceremony and social distancing.  While the class of 2020 is leaving NHS this year, they aren’t leaving alone.  Mrs. Sharon Larcara, a physical education teacher, will be retiring and leaving Nutley High School at the end of the year, this June.   


After 36 years, Mrs. Larcara will retire from her teaching position of physical education and health at NHS. Over the years Mrs. Larcara has taught all grades (9-12) along with teaching the students physical education, health, drivers education, and one year in the Special Education Department (math).  During her final years of teaching at NHS she taught both 11th and 12th grade P.E. and health.


Looking back on her time spent at NHS and what impact she wants to leave with her students Mrs. Larcara states, “I hope the students I have taught throughout the many years at NHS realize the importance of maintaining good health. I want their understanding to be that health is the foundation that supports all their life goals and dreams.” 


Though her last year at NHS took quite a turn and the current situation is not ideal, Mrs. Larcara continues to have a positive mindset and has goals for the future.  Feeling like she has accomplished and completed all of her goals within teaching, she will take all of her memories from the NHS into her retirement.  As she remembers all of these great memories she recalls one of her favorites.  She states, “In 1995, I was pregnant with my second child and my 5th period Senior Human Sexuality class surprised with a baby shower.  They decorated the room, had food, and presents.  It was so thoughtful.” 


Mrs. Larcara fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher.  She was able to make amazing memories and will continue to move onto her retirement and complete what her heart desires.  Traveling throughout the country and playing golf is what Mrs. Larcara’s future holds.  Leaving such a positive impact on the school and students within, she will be missed, but what she has taught will be remembered and carried throughout the school forever.