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Liverpool Striker Mo Salah

Champions League Final

The Uefa Champions League is the most prestigious professional soccer competition in the world. When broadcast, it is the most watched annual sporting event, surpassing even the Super. The competition is at its close now with only Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC left to play it out. The Final will take place on June 1.


These two English teams fought hard to get here. Tottenham had to beat out a young, face paced FC Ajax team that had knocked out Real Madrid and Juventus from the tournament. Liverpool had to scratch their way back from a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona and did so in one of the best sporting comebacks witnessed. Now there are only two teams left, and no one wants to come this far to leave with nothing.


Liverpool is in somewhat of a players' golden age, at the moment, with multiple players who have become front page news all around the world.  Liverpool finished second in the Premier League, two spots above their opposition, Tottenham. It should be interesting to see how Liverpool’s defensive back and Premier League Player of the Year winner, Virgin Van Dijk, handles Tottenham’s world-class striker Harry Kane.


Expect to see Liverpool come out very strong in the opening minutes of the game as they usually test their opponent. There are words of positivity, and strength coming from Tottenham’s supporters, but it's unclear whether those promises of victory will ever be labeled as prophecy. Liverpool and Tottenham have already faced twice before in regular league competition and Liverpool has won both encounters. They seem efficient at suppressing the efforts of Tottenham keeping them to a 2-1 score in both of those games. If the past is any reflection of what the future will hold than Tottenham are in for a rough game.