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Fun in the Sun

Things To Do During Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is the chance for teenagers to experience things they’ve never done before and live life to the fullest. With no school, summer vacation allows us to do things we truly enjoy. Whether it is spending time with our family and friends to having a job for the summer, students have many options over summer break.


With so much free time and beautiful sunny weather, the possibilities are endless. Have no idea what to do during the summer? Here is a list of activities to do during the summer, while also being able to save money.


Go to the Beach:

Spend a few nights at a motel and go to the beach with your family and/or friends. In New Jersey, there are over 130 miles of coastline with about 44 beaches. According to, they ranked the best beach as Cape May. The beach is very clean and massive in size, so there is room to sit and relax. The two-and-a-half hour drive from Nutley may be the only downside, but staying at a motel for a few days would be recommended. If that drive is too far, some closer beaches are Point Pleasant, Seaside Park, Long Branch, and Belmar.


Go Camping:

Need a break from the cellphone? Plan a camping trip for a few days. During the day when the sun is beaming on our skin, it’s the perfect time to go out to a lake and kayak, canoe, tube, fish, and swim. When the sun finally goes down and the weather drops to a comfortable cool, you can go on a late night hike, stargaze, or make delicious s’mores. Camping allows us to reconnect with nature and take in the scenery around us. Not only that, but there are some great Instagram worthy pictures you can take to share the fun.


Go to the Boardwalk:

The Boardwalk is a great place to go when you’re in need of something fun to do. Not only can you walk around the Boardwalk, but there are stands with to play games, arcades, souvenir shops, and restaurants to visit as you walk. Is too much walking getting boring? The rides at the amusement park will wake you right up.


Host a Barbecue:

Food is great. As Americans - hamburgers, hotdogs, wings, and anything greasy and delicious are essential when having a good barbecue. All you need in order to host a successful barbecue is a yard, a grill, and pounds of meat. To make things even better, a pool or jacuzzi to sit and relax in while waiting for food is the best.


Plan a Vacation:

Whether it is an overnight stay somewhere not too far from home or traveling by plane to a luxurious island, there are lots of places around the world to visit. You can travel along the East Coast and experience different beaches and delicious seafood. The South has farms you can visit and great barbecue food to choose from. There are lots of places to see that are way different than the everyday lifestyle, and it’s fun to experience living their way for a change.


There’s something for everyone to do during summer vacation, and enjoy the warm sun and beautiful weather while it lasts.