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Zawar Ahmed's Piece

A “Fresh Perspective” on Nutley’s Young Artists

In 1989, the Fresh Perspectives exhibition began at the second largest museum in New Jersey, The Morris Museum. According to the museum’s website, this exhibit is, “an outlet for artistically-accomplished New Jersey high school students to express their curiosity and creativity.” In its 30th year, the exhibit features two Nutley High School seniors, Zawar Ahmed and Vishva Rana, and many other talented high school artists in New Jersey.


For his whole life, Zawar has always taken an interest in art. It was something that he could do at home that kept him busy. He started pursuing art and taking it a little more seriously in middle school. This year, Zawar's piece was chosen for the exhibit.  It is a self portrait. “One morning, before school, the sun was really shining out and I was trying to get a picture for Instagram, so I had a picture and I was like ‘why not paint it?’ because I needed a piece so I painted the picture, for Instagram,” says Zawar. His medium of choice is mostly water color because it is inexpensive and is easily accessible. In college, he hopes to double major in art with the hopes of attending Yale University this fall. 


Like Zawar, Vishva has been interested in art her whole life. She started to become more involved last year when she took an AP art class at NHS. Up until then, it was just an elective that she enjoyed and just did it for fun. For Vishva’s piece she says it was just an experiment. “I was just kind of experimenting with a new medium because I don’t really do prints”, says Vishva. She often uses acrylic when creating her art because it is easy to use. She is unsure if she wants to pursue art in college but after she graduates she is in hopes of pursuing it. 


The Morris Museum exhibit opened March 9 and will run until June 9, 2019. The museum is located on 6 Normandy Heights Road Morristown, NJ 07960. Members of the museum can get into the museum for free, but for others who do not have memberships must pay an admission fee: 


Children from 3-18: $7 
Adults: $10
Seniors: $7 
Active Military Personnel and 5 family members: $5 


For more information visit the museum’s website: