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Is February Break Really Necessary?

February break has been somewhat of a question in recent years as many schools around the United States have started to get rid of this time off.  For example, schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio have one day off for Presidents Day, but not the whole week. 


I had never had or heard of February Break until I moved to Nutley. I never felt like I was missing out on anything even after I moved. There’s not much to do during February Break because we just had Winter break in December and we have Spring break in April. In addition, many parents can't afford to take a vacations and some are still recovering financially from the holiday season.  


As somebody who has both had and not had February Break, I don’t think having it does anything special, it just makes summer a week shorter because schools have to have 180 days. Therefore, if we add an extra break it just adds an extra week to the end of the year and I much rather have a longer summer than a week off in winter rather than  just stay home in the cold.


However, not everybody feels this way, especially students who have had February Break their whole lives. Students who have always had it are used to it; they have never had it any other way. Nutley High freshman Victoria O’Toole believes, “It is not necessary although I enjoy the time off. It is more of a want, not a need situation. It’s nice to have a week  off but I wouldn’t feel upset if they took it away.”


Other students feel as though the break is needed like Sara Sonnylal, another freshman at NHS. She said, “With everything that has happened over the past two or three years students have learned more than ever how much school can take a toll on you, a break where there is nothing to do helps us to be able to recharge. During December break we have to deal with the holidays and family and during spring break there is always something going on. This break helps there be a time to just relax, focus on yourself, and take a moment to simply do nothing because with school, homework, friends, and family there is never time for yourself. A couple of days of peace can make a world of difference for people.”


No matter the person you talk to, they will all have different opinions just like anything else in life.