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The Ellen Degeneres Show is Ending After 19 Seasons

Ellen Degeneres, one of the most successful daytime talk show hosts, has made the decision to end her show after a 19-season-long run. The 63-year-old is wrapping up the show in 2022 after a years-long decision making, claiming that: “I need something new to challenge me” in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Her famed show has interviewed many, from big-time celebrities to young children who have made a difference in someone else’s life. She told her staff of the decision on May 11 and openly discussed the information with her longtime daytime show host friend, Oprah Winfrey, on May 13.


The Ellen Show debuted on September 8, 2003, running for 19 seasons and it still has almost a year left until it closes up its doors. The show has always been a comical variety-talk show, interviewing guests for the day, such as celebrities, people who have gone viral on social media, or just normal people who have done something extraordinary. Musicians who have appeared on the show would usually perform their latest song, people with “weird” talents would show it off, and some who are there for a special cause would go back home with an enormous check. The show also has conducted quite a few random segments, including the audience themselves participating in the act and interviewing people on the streets near the studio. Ellen, no matter what episode and what guest was featured, has almost always been seen doing some crazy dance move.


However, her show has not always been all fun and games. In the past year, countless claims have been made against Ellen about her being a “bully,” “unpleasant,” and “not a very nice person.” Although she apologized for her behavior last September, at that point she had lost thousands of viewers. And besides her bullying rumors, some of her top staff were also in trouble. Top producers in the show had allegedly engaged in “sexual misconduct,” three of them being fired from the show. But nonetheless, Ellen has denied that the show is ending for these reasons, although these factors have almost ruined her show.


No matter the reason why, The Ellen Show will be done within months, and people are now raising the question: where will Ellen go next? In her exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she herself stated that, “I don’t even know the answer.” While her wife Portia de Rossi has been encouraging her to move on and try new things, her agent Eddy Yablans is hoping that she’ll “sit still for a bit.” But with the end of her talk show, it’s not unlikely that she will return to playing movie and sitcom roles, such as Dory from the Finding Nemo movie saga.


And lastly, as of course the finale of The Ellen Show will create big gaps in the usual daytime show schedule, who will take over this time slot? The channel that broadcasts her show, NBC, has a couple of ideas. The most likely one: The Kelly Clarkson Show. The heads of the channel were apparently aware of Ellen’s wish to end her show all the way back in 2019, therefore launching Kelly Clarkson’s talk show as a plan to replace it. There is, however, another option. Some sources have claimed that Tiffany Haddish is looking to host a talk show under NBC. So while The Kelly Clarkson Show will most likely replace The Ellen Show, with the show’s lower ratings, Tiffany Haddish could make for a decent backup option.


These past 19 years have been a rough journey according to Ellen, and she hopes that she’ll be able to enjoy her last episodes with the show. With the support of her wife and agent, it’s no doubt that she will be able to continue making it big while she is in the Hollywood industry.