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A child enjoying Disney+

Disney+ Hype

Disney+, similar to Netflix and Hulu, is a platform that streams Disney movies, and shows, and it’s getting many people excited. Disney+ contains many cartoons, movies, that are new and old, for all ages to enjoy. Some examples of the offerings include Frozen, Toy Story, and Cars. However, one of the main reasons many people are subscribing to Disney+ as soon as possible is because it also includes Marvel and Lucas FilmsStar Wars. 


When Disney+ was first released, many users faced some problems connecting to the streaming service or getting broken images, or even freezing every now or then. It was a rocky start, but Disney fixed it, there is bound to be a bug or two.


One Disney+ user, NHS teacher, Vance Campbell stated that, “the main reason I subscribed to Disney+ was to watch Captain Marvel.” He included that he also hopes they keep adding new shows, and movies to the library. He considers the platform to “be not bad.”


Another reason why people are getting Disney+ is because of a new show called the Mandalorian, getting many Star Wars' fans excited since it adds on to the main story of Star Wars original trilogy. It was supposed to be a movie, however, Disney chose to cut it up into individual episodes which many people dislike about it. Still, the series gets a lot of praise and memes.


Rocco Dela Luna, a NHS students and another Disney+ user, has been watching the Mandalorian since it came out. While he watches, he would make comments, “Vibing”  and “Fire.” This a great movie,” Rocco said.