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canary islands

Canary Islands' Never-ending Eruption

The Canary Islands' volcano eruption was a horrible thing and affected thousands of people.


The Canary Island volcanic eruption affected the whole island and engulfed it in ash.  It went on for hours and and the residents were scared it was never going stop. To this day, it's still going and there seems to be no end.


The Canary Island volcano is one that laid dormant for a long time until it suddenly began to erupt. This devastated thousands of people who usually flee to the islands for paradise and tropical get away until the volcano erupted putting a stop to the fun.


Thankfully there have been no reported deaths as of now.              


The Canary Island volcano which is northwest of Africa started out as a harmless island volcano and it hadn’t shown any signs of starting for months, but no one could prepare the islanders for the sudden activity and the eruption of the volcano. It was a shock to most, but thankfully the government caught it in time and evacuated the island. It's a good thing they did because the volcano has been on a nonstop lava spew for more than 24 hours and shows no signs of stopping.


With the more eruptions and more lava, this means the more cracks in the volcanic walls. This showed itself proudly when lava seeped out of the sides of the volcano cracks and poured down upon a village that was previously left untouched.

In conclusion, the disaster was a horrible one and thousands of homes and belongings were destroyed. 


The volcanologists stated many hours before the eruption this quote on their twitter @smithsoniangvp

 “There is currently a seismic swarm under Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma in the Canary Islands, interpreted as a magmatic intrusion that may result in eruption. Fear-mongers are once again posting about a mega-tsunami, which is extremely low probability.