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Cafe Night: A Night to Showcase Talents!

On May 30, 2020, Nutley Music Boosters’ Association, will host Cafe Night, at Nutley High School. “It is an event that involves instrumental students from elementary through high school and showcases student talents whether it is performing in a small ensemble, performing duets or trios, or even performing a solo,” says Mr. Vicchiariello, NHS music and band teacher. Approximately 400 students, involved in concert band, orchestra, wind ensemble, and kids in the music program in the middle/elementary schools, will be performing


Hundreds of kids and teens from the Nutley schools will be given a chance to showcase their talents and skills during this very big night. Bhuvan Dave, a NHS Senior, has been performing in Cafe Night since 7th grade and helping since 4th. “I am going to be able to perform four pieces this year, something I’ve been waiting for, to show off my talents, especially since it will be my last year at NHS,” explains Bhuvan. Alexandra Protter, a NHS senior, also will be performing and helping out during Cafe Night. “It's a special experience for people in Nutley to chill and enjoy food,” she says. 


Performances this year include duets, trios, quartets, jazz ensembles, woodwind ensemble, brass ensemble, percussion ensemble, string ensembles, solos, and additionally, some faculty. Mr. Vicchiariello and Nutley Music Booster’s Association will be keeping eyes on this event, to keep things running smoothly and in order. “NMBA takes care of the raffles, selling tickets and promoting, etc.” says Mr. Vicchiariello. “The other instrumental teachers and I get the performers together and handle the musical end of things.” Students from the elementary, middle, and high schools help waiter, serve food, and create their own ensembles, with the approval from staff members.


Tickets were sold for $10.00, with small pastries, coffee, and teas included with the purchase. The money raised will go towards Nutley Music Department, as well as funding for the instrumental/musical students. A 50/50 raffle will also be held to help raise as much money as possible. Cafe Night will help raise large amounts of money for future additions to the music departments in Nutley. “Throughout the years, NMBA has helped our programs in a number of ways with the funds that they raise,” says Mr. Vicchiariello.


Cafe Night night is always a night to remember. The event will be a great way of raising funds for the future, while having students showcase their musical talents to parents, staff, and other guests. Having a more relaxed environment like this, will give guests the chance to unwind, while having a nice show and pastries.