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Coppola and Abbio

Behind The Scenes Of The Class Of 2020

Mr. Bryan Abbio and Mrs. Jessica Coppola are the class advisors for the graduating class of 2020. Abbio and Coppola have been organizing and planning the activities since the class of 2020 entered as freshmen. Mr. Abbio is a history teacher at NHS and Mrs.Coppola teaches English. Mrs.Coppola says she feels, “being an advisor is a juggling act between doing right for the class and being an effective teacher.” 


They have put in multiple hours of extra work, time for sales and finding ways to raise money. They help the 2020 class officers by guiding them through their responsibilities. The best part about being class advisors for Mrs.Coppola is being there for the students, watching them grow and mature.“I love having these connections with my officers and I know I’ll stay in touch with them for as long as they’ll have me.” 


Even though each year they get new class advisors, it helps inspire and bring new ideas to the table. The 2020 class apparel is a project that they have to work on together as both class advisors and officers. Abbio and Coppola both teach the class officers to work with each other and take on the role of responsibility while deciding how they want to design the class apparel. “Khushi designs it, officers vote on it, we usually let students decide what they want.” After the class officers brainstorm ideas, create the shirts and pants, all Mr. Abbio and Mrs.Coppola have to do is send an email about the apparel to the class of 2020. 


As the class of 2020 inches closer to the end of the year, graduation is right around the corner. Mr. Abbio and Mrs.Coppola’s roles in setting up for the special day is having to get the pronunciation of names right and help prepare the graduating class before walking onto the field to receive their diplomas. As class advisors, both Mr. Abbio and Mrs. Coppola have to help with alphabetizing the students name and make sure there are the right number of seats before graduation day. 


Coppola and Abbio have been class advisors for the seniors since they were freshman.  Mrs.Coppola is hoping for them to, “end the year feeling united and ready for the future”.