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NFL Draft

The 2021 NFL Draft

The 2021 NFL draft will begin Thursday, April 29th, and will end on Saturday, May 1st. The players in this 2021 draft are really athletic and have a bright future. Some of the players put up big performances in college and, in my opinion, NFL coaches are going to be happy whoever they land in the draft.


All the players in the NFL draft are invited to a combine where you have to show off your skills to the coaches. For example, in the combine, there are obstacles like the 40-yard dash and the bench pressing competition this shows to the coaches how fast and strong they are. Also, quarterbacks throw to the wide receivers so the coaches see how the wide receiver route running and catching and also to see how accurate the quarterback is.


The NFL draft pick order is based on how your record was last season. The team that won the Super Bowl is going to get the last pick and the team with the worst record is going to get the first pick. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to have the last pick because they won the Super Bowl and the Jacksonville Jaguars will have the first pick. This is because the team with the worst record needs to improve by getting better players in the draft and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t need too much help because they won the Super Bowl. But you can also trade for a draft pick. For example, you can trade a player for a pick or you can trade a draft pick for another draft pick.


Some of the best people in the 2021 draft are Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, and Davonta Smith. There are still a lot of great players but these guys are one of the best. Devonta Smith is a Wide Receiver for Alabama who won the Heisman trophy this year and also won the championship with Alabama. Trevor Lawerence is the quarterback for the Clemson Tigers and people that watch football say he might be the greatest quarterback in college football history. Justin Fields is another quarterback but from Ohio State. Justin Field is very fast for a quarterback and ran a 4.62 for his 40-yard dash. He is also very accurate with his throws. Zach Wilson is another quarterback but from BYU. People also call him one of the best college football quarterbacks. If you are a coach in the NFL you are lucky to get one of these guys but like I said there are still other great players in the draft too.


This year’s season of the NFL is going to be a good one. Fans are going to be watching all these young athletes adapt to this new game. Fans are going to see which team made a bad pick and which team made a good pick. Most people really want to see Trevor Lawerence play. Experts say he is going to be the next Peyton Manning. But I am excited to see all of these players come out of college and play in the NFL and compete for the Rookie of the Year Trophy.