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Managing Workload and Stress

When it feels like you have a million tasks to complete and no time to do it, it is always a challenge. The foreboding and cramping feeling of knowing a deadline is approaching, but not knowing if you will be able to meet it can often lead a person’s anxieties to skyrocket.


For students, school and work are what is often associated with the idea of stress, as it is where the majority of their time throughout the week is spent. In high school, students are expected to turn in every given assignment for their classes, knowing that their grades will likely drop if they fail to do so. This prepares them for college by teaching responsibility and diligence when tasked to complete projects on time in a professional and diligent way. However, when extracurricular activities and obligations outside of school are thrown into the mix, balancing work and personal life can seem impossible. Without a sense of organization and structure, it can be rather draining, especially if students procrastinated to complete tasks.


The best way to avoid being in a position where you are low on time is to complete as many assignments as possible when they’re first given to you. However, there are certain things that can inhibit a person from doing so. Sometimes the biggest one can be lack of motivation and willpower. When dealing with academic stress, many turn to trusted adults for advice. One support system that is provided by Nutley High School is the School Counseling department.


Victoria Paino is one of the six guidance counselors at NHS that offers advice and assistance to students in need on a daily basis. “As a school counselor, we often recommend that students begin to prioritize assignments in their order of importance or due date," said Ms. Paino. "It is important to set aside time immediately following the school day to complete required assignments. They should begin to work on assignments that are due that have the nearest due date."


To combat procrastination, Ms. Paino advises that students "do not put off challenging assignments that need extra effort. Try to complete the more challenging coursework first."


Keeping up-to-date with their grades and knowing where students stand in each class is an important element to help stay on task and manage stress. "As always, checking the student portal is an important step for high school success," said Ms. Paino. "If students see "MIS" for missing on the Gradebook, it is advised that they check in with their teaching regarding the  missing work.”


Teachers are another recourse who making themselves available for extra help in the mornings, during certain lunch blocks, and after school if needed for any questions. Some even offer tutoring outside of school. With Chromebooks being newly issued to every student this year, it is easier to email staff about any concerns as well.


With the given resources, it is up to students to utilize them in order to ensure a productive and successful school year. High school years are crucial in building an ideal future, and it is important that everyone takes them seriously.