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Language Honor Society Ceremony

Language Honor Society

Instructors Explain Requirements for NHS Language                                                                  Honor Society


Nutley High School offers students an opportunity to take part in three Language Honor Society Programs: Spanish, Italian and Latin. If a student is eligible, they are advised to attend a ceremony where they are inducted into the Honor Society Program. In order to achieve this, a student must have a 3.5 overall GPA and have an average A for the last three years in either Spanish, Italian or Latin language.


The advisors of these programs work hard to make sure students are involved with their program. The advisors call meetings either before or after school to discuss fundraisers. Mr. Eric Wdowiak advises the Spanish Honor Society. Mr. Gaetano Sollazzo advises the Italian Honor Society.  Ms. Amelia Lodato advises the Latin Honor Society. 


Latin is a very important language because it acts as a foundation to assimilate other languages in the Latin roots. Lodato always loved studying languages. “I am hoping to learn other languages still,” she said. Currently, the Latin Honors Society is running a bake sales as a fundraiser. They are hoping to raise enough money for costs of enrolling in academic contests for Latin, such as Classics Day in October. “In the future, I would really like to see Latin Honor Society doing more for charity as well,” Lodato said.


The Italian Honor Society adviser, Mr. Gaetano Sollazzo, says that it's important for the students to donate time and money to local organizations such as UNICO. In addition, the students in the society have donated money to “an earthquake relief fund to help those who have lost their homes due to a large earthquake that hit the Aquila section of Italy,” Sollazzo explains. They too have hosted a bake sale to raise money and have other idea planned. "We are hoping to sell shirts as well, and we are working with the Spanish Honor Society in order to put together a soccer tournament fundraiser,” Sollazzo says.

Sollazzo, who grew up Italy, always had an interest in learning languages, such as English. “I had many family members that lived in the US, therefore I wanted to be efficient in the language when we visited,” Sollazzo states.


He is also very interested in teaching students the true meaning of Italian culture, as well as teaching the actual language. “Italian culture is so rich and full of history. I think it’s important for the students to learn and know about what is real and what is stereotype,” Sollazzo explains. 


The Spanish Honor Society recently hosted their famous empanada sale to raise money for the program. “That’s how we make most of our money,” Wdowiak said. They group also had success with open gym sporting events. “One year we made our own T-shirts with my face on it saying "Que tal?" (what's up?),” Wdowiak said. When enough money is raised, the Spanish Honor Society uses that money to give graduating seniors scholarships. And last year, they donated money to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 


Honor Society groups are extremely beneficial for students because they open students’ eyes to new and exciting cultures and are a way of recognizing their skills in language courses. When it comes to these Honor Society groups, a student has to be dedicated, hardworking and ready to learn.“The students must put in the effort necessary in order to accomplish the  lofty goals set by the Honor Society.” Mr. Sollazzo states.