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How Romance Affects Students At Nutley High

Romance can play an important role in the lives of high school students. At Nutley High School, romance and social lives are at the center of many students' lives. But, it's a challenging skill to navigate relationships along with school, sports, family time and extra curricular activities.


“Once you experience romance with someone, you’re going to want to keep them if they impact your life for the better,” says Ellice Billones, a junior at Nutley High School.


Romance can be a positive  experience in the lives of teenagers. Romance impacts the lives of students at Nutley High School everyday, creating memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. “If you truly feel that love and compassion towards someone in an unspeakable way, it is important to have your person (in your life) while you are young,” said Julianna Rudish, an NHS freshman.


Although romance is seen in a positive way by many, education and a high school romance may often be hard to manage. Time commitments and activities may pull students in different directions. Ellice Billones, a junior at NHS has been in a relationship with her girlfriend for over a year. Ellice said, “Romance for high school students can have many effects. I think that it can affect someone negatively if their partner is negatively impacting their goals but, I also think that it can affect someone positively, pushing them to do better in school, and to create or set goals.”


A worry that many people have regarding young love is how it can be emotionally straining. The minds and overall mental health of high school students are impacted when it comes to relationships. Similar to most things in life, there are positives and negatives that come with young love. The mental health of a teenager is very important and, relationships are one element that allow a high school students to learn and grow.


Desiree Vigilante, a senior at Nutley High School was asked how her relationship affected her mental health. She replies, “The amount of happiness and inspiration he (her boyfriend) brings me is beyond words,” said Desiree. “Since I’ve met him, I've definitely spent more days being happy than upset. How we act with and towards each other has honestly made me feel less insecure and more happy with myself and the things I do.”


The life of a high school student has ups and downs. Although the High School Musical romance we all anticipate going into high school is unrealistic, the romance and feelings are real.