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Exit 1984: Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams, the current principal of NHS, attended NHS as a student from 1980 until 1984. In the eighties, NHS was very different from now. Both the class offerings and the layout of the building have changed drastically over the years.


During Mr. Williams' time as a student, there were,” more business and typing classes,” he said. “There was a Home Economics class where the IT office is presently located. There was a photography-development studio and darkroom where the cooking classes are. Where the current science classes are located there used to be a printing shop along with World Language classrooms that had little audio booths in them to hear language tapes. Where the world language classrooms are now used to be the science classes and labs. NHS also had a full auto shop repair class and an electronics class that had a ham radio transmitter. By my senior year there was a class that had large desktop computers- currently where Mrs.Devore’s office is located.”


After graduating college, Mr. Williams went on to become a teacher and taught at NHS for 13 years. He was a social studies teacher who taught US, World, and European history classes and actually started the AP Human Geography course in school. After becoming a teacher, he soon went on to become the testing coordinator, the the vice principal in charge of attendance. He became NHS Principal in 2012. He comments that, “At one time, I was teaching in the morning while doing the testing coordinator and VP job in the afternoon.”