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Nutley High School's Freshmen

The Class Of 2022 Is Settling In

Every high school student has gone through it; being considered the clueless “babies” of the school, walking into a new world. The Nutley High School Class of 2022 has experienced roughly four months of high school and it is safe to say they have already grown. Not only do new high school students feel academically challenged, but also socially. Freshmen experience new things that they will carry with them throughout the next three years of high school. Despite all the challenges, it seems that the freshmen have settled into life at NHS.


Walking into high school, most freshmen were not sure what to expect or how to act. While some felt comfortable, it took others a while to adapt to the new environment. Walking into a new and more mature environment can be daunting. “Walking into high school, I expected to constantly feel stressed and overthink about everything,” said freshman Elita Hoxhaj. “But I do not feel this way now. I’ve adjusted to the high school atmosphere and understand the expectations set for me.”


Being academically challenged in high school has changed the way many freshmen viewed their past academic experiences. Middle school is seen as training for high school and a place that prepares you for what is to come. Higher expectations are set for high schoolers and students are urged to challenge themselves in every way possible.


Freshman Paul Scutti says, “My goal at the beginning of the year was to get honor roll and so far I have achieved it.” However, the high school workload did not come as a breeze to him. As many freshmen would agree, Paul said, “The biggest difference between middle school and high school is the workload.”


Friendships in high school undoubtedly affect how students feel entering the school. Friends help each other with obstacles that may come upon them, and without the help of a friend, the process may tend to be harder. In high school, everyone has the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships. When someone knows that people will have their back regardless of the situation, it gives that person a sense of comfort that would not be there without friendships. “Being with my friends makes me feel more comfortable in school,” says freshman Leah Navarra. “Without my friends, I think the process would have been harder.”


Middle school and high school have their similarities and differences but, the most drastic difference experienced is the change of freedom. In high school students are provided with the luxuries of being able to leave the building during lunch, acquainting themselves with people of a wider age range, and being able to carry phones. One of the main reasons students have adapted to the high school environment so quickly is because of the freedom provided by Nutley High School. Elita Hoxhaj says, “I feel this sense of independence that I never experienced as a middle schooler.”


All in all, the freshmen of the 2018-19 school year have adapted to the life they are going to have for the next four years. They understand the expectations set for them, the friendships they are going to build, and the freedom they will have. Due to the fact that students have adapted to the environment takes away from most of the nerves freshmen typically have. Students and teachers are excited to see what the freshmen have in store for their future.